Saturday, March 28, 2009

Harmoniously together we stand alone
And preach our lack of dogma via trendy microphone
Assert our individuality and blazing independence
Tolerance and equality with fashionable transcendence
You’re my fellow human, father, mother, sister, brother
Draw a circle around all of us who are nothing like each other
But who coined the clich├ęs and the stereotypes?
And why are you so far left if everybody’s right?
What did all these abbreviations stand for originally?
Who are we indigenously,
Homo sapiens and individually?
Who are “we the people,” specifically?
And what are the ideals realistically? Pluralistically?
What’s the rule if it’s all an exception?
Or was that just a suggestion?
And where’s the real image of all these reflections?
We’re all so good at avoiding projection,
Going green and turning out at elections
Open minds leave thoughts free for convection
So we can hide and deny our fear of rejection
How are we to compromise when nothing’s left to give?
And how to catch liquid truths with holy mental sieves?
And what if I can’t tolerate anymore?
Who had the most points seven and four score?
What’s the playing field tomorrow, now, and before?
Antebellum, antecedent, anaphor
Broken hearts and lipitor
And if living the dream was so majestic
Why am I disgusted by this product gross domestic?
How to manufacture organic
Suffer accident, act like we planned it?
Loop holes and black holes
Left us less than whole
What’s the profit margin if you gain the world?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, thing you've written. I love the message and the emotion. You should use this on open mic night at Black Dog. I really really liked this!

Kate said...

Honestly...thanks! :)
I actually don't like it. It feels really cheeseball to me, but hey...better than nothing I guess.

April said...

This is really great! Quite a few words there I need to search though...haha.

Kate said...

Don't worry about it- it was just a stab at a different style for me more than anything.

Billwade said...

That was incredible.

"Antebellum, antecedent, anaphor
Broken hearts and lipitor"


this is a pretty thick poem. politics and spirituality all well-weaved into words of wit and wisdom.