Monday, December 8, 2008

If You

If you want to know what I am thinking
Open your hands a little wider
Because my miming methods are mimicked
By my ability to unfold.

If you want me to come closer
Close your eyes and count to 100;
Don’t hold your breath

Try to talk louder with your ears
And softer with your hands;
Gently rope me in without pulling.

Your ceaseless groping eyes
Poke and prod my desire to hide
All this refined aural sugar
Causes my teeth to ache
As my mind chews on the flattery
And then rots away.

If you want me to stay with you
As you tread at the surface
Dive in with me all the way down to the bottom
And then release;
I swear I will be buoyant.

We both need oxygen eventually;
I, like the fish, am jealous of our feathered friends
So stop being so cliché
And proverbially let me go.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep talking. I'm listening.