Saturday, March 12, 2011

waiting (cont'd)

dance around the point
like harmless intuition
and do unto thyself as thou
would unto thy neighbor

dry the flowers picked
from top the mountain
and water plants
on windowsill
He hears your silent prayers
and remembers vacant stares
as you gazed into unseen
distance just behind your

He heals your many papercuts
and ices all your bruises

as you're waiting waiting waiting
for something to arrive

He meets you on the water
in the canyons and cafes
and speaks of things much better
than nasty paper ships
whose bottoms dissolve
and disintegrate
til all there is is pulp
on water tainted  by ink

trust Him as He works
and you lie still on the table
let consciousness slip pass
and spirit come to voice

let eager hearts meander
toward vacant school houses
and build something to talk about
in lofty days to come
where eager hands will read
and write and learn of better days
and feel the ridges of the Heart
Who felt and knew it all

Whose every sentence ending
marks earthquake's jagged line
on papers inked by needles
as we measure what was said

sit and wait and want
for April's green and laughter
and smell the crisp
December as you linger
in your sleep.


Dillon said...

AH! I LOVE this! Seriously! This is fantastic! I read through it a few times, and there is a lot of depth there. I don't understand it all right now, but I love it. Great job!

Carlye said...

I agree with your brother. I LOVE that. You really should take the time to compile all your stuff and publish. There's so much icky stuff out there - your writing (and Dillon's too - holla!) are definitely worth putting in print.

At the risk of this being the longest comment ever... I really felt that line, "trust Him as He works and you lie still on the table". That is really profound to me. There are times, and I am in one, where I have to willingly crawl onto the operating table knowing that there will be no anesthetic and nothing to keep me from jumping off at any time and running away. I have to willingly be operated on, in full light, in full feeling, in full view. Awake. Aware. Hurting and healing in the same stroke of the scalpel. I really loved this line - the whole thing is great. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Lauren Blake said...

Praying for you as you wait that your spirit would come to voice.

Stephanie Griggs said...

Mmm. Transcendent.
You are agile with a pen.
(or keyboard)