Friday, April 22, 2011

Aradhna and the Bhutanese in KCK + Jane's Walk

Not to infringe upon Big Cass's music project, but I recently found out about a group I am pretty excited about. Aradhna is a band that fuses traditional Indian devotional music (bhajans) with Christ-centered themes.

The show is in KCK among the Bhutanese refugee community. Let me know if you are interested in going (though KLers would have to sacrificially miss soccer).Give it a listen!

Also on the event front, an event some mutual acquaintances have organized:


justjess said...

Since I saw you at soccer, I'm guessing you sacrificed the show. If that was what the L-rd was leading you to do, I applaud you for a hard choice. The Jane's walk sounds up for going?

Kait said...

i'm definintely up for it but i realized i really can't because of having to go to evangel on sunday mornings since I work there. why can't they see us as the universal body of messiah? :)