Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your Love Broke Through

Your love broke through
at desperate hour
when cry was wrenched and wrung
from soaking, drowning soul

Your love broke through
like shattered glass once covered
in condensed fog
steam that veiled your face

Your love cut through
blood that flowed from pierced and holy flesh
cuts past the calluses
cuts off our sinning hands and eyes
and ingrown foreign objects
healing comes through pain 
the ripping at the birth
the cut that saves out souls

True Judge, Righteous G-d Man, Ruach HaKodesh
Your love broke through
a bloody mess
reborn from death


Anonymous said...

What powerful imagery to describe the power of His love

Dillon said...

This is so beautiful, and so true. It's painful, because redemption can't begin until the "foreign ingrown objects" are excised. The strongholds have to be destroyed. Praise the Lord that His love breaks through!

Kait said...

Amen, Dillon! I really like what you said about stongholds.

Jeremy said...

Lead the way and we'll precede

Kait said...

Lead the way and we'll precede? Is that irony intended?

justjess said...

Beautiful! I'm amazed at your way with words. They are very powerful.